Friday, October 14, 2016

Hello Employees,

My Uncle Andy is throwing a Christmas party for me on November 24, 2016. He said he invited most of you already.

I feel afraid to show up, but then I said “whatever”.

If your still mad, and want to say hi to me - in PERSON !!! - then just ask Ron@Tgf who I am. 

He remembers my face, because he tried to smother me to death with a plastic bag, but then chickened out because he’s a pussy shit.

If he wants to finish the job - then that’s when the party really starts. Hooray.

Look forward to seeing the pimps.


C.E.O. - Mirage Entertainment and King of the Pimps.

P.S. - Tell your mafia friends.

Friday, July 29, 2016

I told the OIPRD that the police did misconduct against me ( improper investigation ).

The OIPRD said "it's not misconduct".

Then some OIPRD police chick called me and said "at the time we thought you were guilty, but now we know you are innocent."


The prosecutor woman kept telling me to sign the peace bond, or else I have to wait months for a trial.

I told her give me my trial.

Suddenly she changed her mind, and said she going to withdraw all charges.


The Human Rights Tribunal said the police didn't commit gender discrimination.

Because it's one woman and one man.

I wrote an appeal saying they forgot to mention that TWO girls were not questioned, because the police don't question TWO women for their lies and fake charges.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016


To: Court of Public Opinion

I filed a complaint with a corrupt organization called the “Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario”.


In their corrupt judgement they said:

“However, a person is not entitled to engage in harassing behaviour simply because they believe the other person has done something illegal.”
I told these nuts that girl made a false statement to the police at 5:00, after buzzing me in at 3:30.
How can someone say a woman is harassed for 90 minutes in the hallway ???
Then they said:
“The mere fact, however, that the police believed a woman and did not believe a man is not evidence of gender discrimination.”
I told these nuts that another girl was present at the time and was concealing evidence.
Why is this other girl not included in their illegal ruling ???
This is the reason the police always get away with abusing people. Because of corrupt rulings from these monkey courts, and ignoring any evidence the police are wrong.
Also the illegal cover-up of the police video from that prosecutor woman.

Monday, September 28, 2015

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 . b l o g s p o t . c a

Message To:

Toronto Police Chief
51 Division Staff
Residents who suffer from illegal pimping
Exploited young women who are victims of the pimps


We are Mothers Against Police & Pimp Scum, known as MAPPS. We were formed after one of our valued members was arrested for reporting illegal prostitution at 220 Victoria Street on March 6th, 2014 at 5:00 and brought to 51 Division under illegal false arrest.

The police explained that reporting illegal prostitution was harassment. When this member said she was threatened with murder, nothing was done to the pimps. The charges were later dropped, because the police are conducting an illegal cover up and were wrong to arrest this person simply for reporting illegal pimps.

This member found out that the police protect the pimps in the following ways:

Never shut down illegal prostitution businesses.
Never arrest the pimps.
Arrest innocent people who report the pimps and pimp activity.
Illegally extorting the pimps for cash and freebies.

I have informed the chief of police, the person in charge of 51 Division and the officers that arrested our founding member, about the following illegal prostitution at:

Exquisite Courtesan
761 Bay Street
Unit 2905
Buzz #180
416 - 832 - 1626

Garden Of Eden
386 Yonge Street
Unit 4808
Buzz 1344
run by a person identified as “Morgan”
416 - 410 - 5033

736 Bay Street
Unit 1502
Buzz - “George”
647 - 989 - 9849

Toronto Girlfriends
167 Church Street
Unit 1411
Buzz 8735
416 - 787 - 8558

20 Blue Jays Way
Unit 1815
Buzz 1302
416 - 966 - 6966

Because the police are also criminal trash, nothing will be done to the pimps, but the police know who I am, and I could end up in jail for harassing the police and their pimp friends.

Fuck The Police.

P.S. This message will be used as spam to shut down an illegal website called which is illegal for advertising the sexual services of exploited young women. Of course the police won’t shut them down, because the police are shit.

The Job Of The Police


Arrest men for no reason
Write parking tickets
Collect big checks from the government
Beat people, deny people their rights
Shoot minorities ( like Ferguson )
Make friends with crack dealers like Rob Ford
Extort pimps for cash and freebies

Not The Police Responsibility:

Arrest criminal pimps
Shut down illegal pimp operations
Protect innocent citizens from pimping

... and now we know who the real criminal shits are - the police !!!


I reported the following activities and here’s what the dummy cops did ( or more like - didn’t do )

Assault: Ron @ TGF

The cops didn’t bother to check for fingerprints or ask witnesses, including a witness that said to me “I saw some fat, ugly, spanish boys creeping in the hallway”.

The good news is they install cameras in the hotel, that’s how the inept cops caught the assault victim at Quality Suites.

Technically I also helped her.

Death Threats: Nicole King @ Garden of Eden

Reported to 222-Tips, cops questioned her, but as usual, did nothing.

False Statements: Chanel @ Exquisite Courtesan

Reported to the dummy cops at 51 Division. Because of their illegal cover-up of my video tape, which proves the cops committed malicious prosecution, they refuse to arrest a white woman, because cops only like to arrest non-white men.

Harassment: Ricky Spanish @ Get Some Suga, Fred Zed @ Terb

Cops told me I’m reporting in the wrong place, did nothing.

Stalking: Ashley @ Eye Candy

Didn’t report this to the cops, but that ashley chick = HAWT !!! Flat chested though.

Trespassing: 33 Wood Street @ Maximum, High Society, Dream-makers, Roommates

I told the cops there’s at least 8 illegal brothel running out of this building, and I was sitting outside with a sign saying “GO AWAY HOOKERS” waiting to be gunned down. The cops showed up, and did they thank me for doing their job and protecting innocent people. No. The cop threatened to arrest me for trespassing. WTF !!!

Voicemails: Andy @ Mirage

Cops looked scared of the pimps, and said they would arrest me for wasting police time. 

Hello Pimps - Welcome To Arkham

On the eve of enforcement of the greatest law ever, C-36, the law to bring down the dummy prostitution industry, here’s a record of what happened to me over the past three years.


Oce-Anus ( also known as the Mad Hatter )

I spammed his website so bad, he eventually had to shut down his registration, to this day he diligently wastes his life, checking each and every IP address.

Exquisite Courtesan

Some guy from this agency threatened me in the mall, he said the pimps are looking for me and plan to sue. Yeah - that’ll work.

Garden Of Eden
Nicole King ( also known as Poison Ivy )

This bitch gave me a lot of problems. Her hubby made death threats to me, and when I called the police she was questioned at the station. Then I tracked him to his auto business, and she was crying on the phone. I also shut down her agency for a long time, she got scared to post her schedule. Dumb bitch and his dumb bitch wife.

Get Some S.uga

I reported this nut for defamation online, but the cops told me to report in Peel, and his website disappeared before he could be brought to justice. Also known as Dicky Spinach.

High Society

I was confronted by this woman’s boyfriend, and he wasn’t happy to see me, but he got scared to hit me, so things turned out ok. No further comment.

Justin ( also known as the Scarecrow )

Does this guy, Alex, even know how to run an agency. I booked a fake appointment, then banged on the door of his illegal brothel to scare the hookers inside, then ran away. Far away. Worst agency to work for.

George ( also known as the Penguin )

I met this loser, George, twice, he even gave me a coffee, but the next time he threatened to call the cops about extortion. When I told him reporting his illegal activities is not a crime, he looked scared.


I outed numerous real names of the dumb bitches who advertise on this loser bored.

The Adult Playground

I quickly shut this competing review BORED down, run by that dummy Femme and her bitch Jessica Pee.

Fred Zed ( also known as the Riddler )

Fred admitted to illegally stalking me to my house, but his moderator told me this in the chat room, so I saved it on a screen shot, then reported him to the police.

Toronto Girlfriends
Ron ( also known as Two Face )

Met Ron and two of his toronto girlfriends at the Quality Suites hotels, where they assaulted me, and, as usual, the dummy cops did nothing. Fuckers. A big fat, stupid looking, spanish fatso. Also known for calling his ex-workers, losers. Be careful.


Sent me a creepy email by mistake. Oops.

Stephanie ( also known as Talia Al Ghul )

Some chick named Dallis told me she was outed to her family by Steph Lekowsky @ Vixens, be careful, she’s a bitch who ruins the lives of girls who have the misfortune of working for her. Calls me a loser boy.

I also outed some illegal activities at Bonbons, Cupids, Dream-makers, Eye Candy, Minx, Andy@Mirage ( known as the Joker ), Sara@Roommates ( also known as Cat-woman ), Sassy, Top Drawer and Philip@Toronto Passions ( also known as Bane )

“ Never battle with monsters,
Lest you become one yourself,
For if you stare too long into the abyss,
The abyss stares back, into you. ”

I reported this Illegal Prostitution to the police.

Toronto Girlfriends
20  Blue Jays Way
Unit   1815
Buzz   1302


Ron @ Toronto Girlfriends = ASSAULT

Hello friends,

I wanted to report the illegal things that happened to me at the hands of Ron@TGF and two of his thugs.

He got mad because I asked him for fair compensation, and then he didn’t give it to me so I decided to destroy his prostitution business.

I reported his illegal prostitution at Harrison Garden Blvd, then at Clegg Road and at Forest Laneway Drive.

So he decided to do more illegal things, like assault me.

I was confronted at Quality Suites Hotel near the airport.

His friends grabbed me in a choke hold and pushed me down, raining blow on my back. Then threatened me not to come back. I decided to call the police from the stairwell.

Then Ron appeared.

He threw my phone and glasses. Then he pushed me down and assaulted me, hitting me repeatedly on the face.

After he tried to choke me, by grabbing my neck with his hands. Then he put a plastic bag over my mouth, and pressed down with his hands. I think he was trying to suffocate me. I couldn’t breathe, and I admit, I felt scared I would die.

That’s right, Ron = attempted MURDER

Then, I think he also felt scared, so he stopped trying to kill me, and went back to hitting me on the face.

Finally, he grabbed my belt buckle, and pulled until my pants ripped, then pulled off my pants, then grabbed my shirt till it came off.

I didn’t resist, and was lying NAKED on the ground.

He gave me some speech about being poor, and doing pimping for survival, then said “I do this with no hesitation”.

Strangely, I felt kinda sad for him, he looked scared.

Be careful on Ron and his Toronto Girlfriends, they are dangerous pimps.