Friday, February 10, 2017

Lynn Ha = Disgusting Behaviour

Gotta say I've been totally disgusted by your cartoons mocking (T-xxx)’s problems, rumours of Fred's death, and portraying the other board owner and his troll buddy of being heroes for hacking (T-xxx). 

Extremely crass and classless imo.

You started that thread dissing (T-xxx). And you kept it going with your cartoons, all while giving a rim job to whoever "Chase" is.[/QUOTE]

No sarcasm here. I hate those stupid "fun threads". A lot of them are anything but.

Actually Lynn what happened was this. What you did was wrong, and here is why. [ EDIT ]

In other words your little cartoons show support for these actions and the people who seek to hurt people involved in the industry. And you did it to curry favor for the sole purpose to increase your business. 

I didn't have an issue with your harmless but generally annoying little threads. They were obviously within board rules. But this is far more serious. Something I'm quite concerned with. 

Quite frankly I have to ask what kind of a person would support these types of actions. And the only conclusions I keep reaching is someone who is a bad person. Someone who would be capable of the same actions. 

Truly sad.[/QUOTE]

X2 saw the same thing yesterday ,I put her on ignore today.

I've been dying to do that. Dont want to be unkind (and I am sure she has her many fans) but while I can simply bypass her threads she sometimes pops up on others ... How do you put someone on “ignore"?

Lynn, you're well aware that a certain troll harassed and threatened many people in the adult industry. 

And you think what he does is funny? I find your ignorance to be appalling and think you've disrespected everyone in the adult industry who's been affected by him.

But hey, you "enjoy" his threads so none of that matters, right?

Are you kidding? She openly praises, congratulates and encourages criminal activity! 

Day after day, week after week, month after month. This isn't a momentary lapse in judgement.

[QUOTE=SchlongConery;1359392] What is funny about hacking (T-xxxx)?
What is funny about making cartoons portraying someone you admit you "know the history and agree he is dangerous”?[/QUOTE]

Being blunt, when Lynn tries to renew her advertising, I think that everyone knows where Fred should tell her where to stick her money. Seriously Lynn, do your research you ignorant woman.

I'm sorry but it's high time that someone called Lynn out on her bullshit.

I know a couple girls who were affected because of his bullshit and to see Lynn act like it's all a big joke pisses me off. 

He's put the safety of people in the adult industry at risk and that stupid little woman acts like it's funny?!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Illegal Brothels:

167 Church Street, Unit 1411
386 Yonge Street, Unit 4808
424 Yonge Street, Unit 504
105 Harrison Garden Blvd, Unit 1211
736 Bay Street, Unit 1502
736 Bay Street, Unit 2011
761 Bay Street, Unit 2905
1121 Bay Street, Unit 809
717 Bay Street, Unit 408
570 Bay Street, Penthouse 4
220 Victoria Street, Unit 2104
20 Blue Jays Way, Unit 318
20 Blue Jays Way, Unit 1815
19 Avondale Ave, Unit 306

Andy @ Mirage = M.arco F.rantridakis
Art Mann = ( suicide )
Bonbons = Riley Grace
Carmen Loren @ HSG = M.ariana Laine
Chanel@ExquisiteCourtesan = Janelle Regier
Copcraigs = Burt
Femme Fatale = Jessica Brooks
Fred Zed @ Terb = Francis Makupatti
Garden Of Eden = Julien Jean P ierre = Danforth Village Auto
HOF = Kevin Fitzpatrick ( suicide )
Jillian @ Cupids = Christina M.orsehead
Justin @ Maximum = Alex
Kelly Perfection = Laura Kabin / friend - Erica Murray
KBear = Brad = 905-270-4765
Lacey Lust = Shaylene Shaver
Lady Raven = Lenore Po
LadyTy = Teresa Yeoman
Mongrel 4U = Doug Little
Ms. Sarah = Linda Malcolm
Nicole King @ GOE = Nina Jean P ire
Peter @ Dream-m = Noel Kirk
Philip @ Toronto Passions = Philip T.sarnas
Ricky Spanish = Jim Coley
Riley Daniels = Shelly Ann Black
Sheiik @ Caerf = Scott H.ughes
Steph @ Vixens = Stephanie L.ekowsky
Sunshine = Katrina =
Taylor @ Mirage = Sharon ( hooker name - Brooklyn )
Wendy = husband - Steve Watso.n
Wilsonjso @ Caerf = Wilson Oliveria

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Let`s take a look at what`s happened to Sh.eik during the past year and a bit in no specific order...

1. 4Play is busted and shut down over child prostitution charges. S.heik instead of laying-low, publically defends 4Play`s pimp who was arrested and is awaiting trial on chrages including holding an underage prostitute against her will and forcing her to work. Extra, unwanted attention is now brought to Terb.

2. Hughes Truss goes bankrupt. It seems that the companys CEO Hu.ghes was dedicating more time surfing Terb as his alias Sh-eik than running the business his father created almost 50 years ago.

3. Because of his daddy`s roofing business going under, S.heik loses his huge house in the Scarborough Bluff`s and also his pickup truck. He is now what you`d call middle class.

4. Sh.eik`s whore girlfriend Angela aka Raven of Exquisite, GOE and Cachet hooker fame decides she`s had enough of the useless retard and kicks his sorry broke ass to the curb. She is presently selling her body as an indy on Craigslist.

5. Paki Fred Zed has enough of Sh.eik and he too puts his foot down. Shei.k goes into hiding without an explanation, but the boards have gotten to him and he is no doubt burned-out. He is presently working as a salesman and hopes to create his own board someday. Don`t worry folks, he will return. He`s dedicated over 10 years to the Toronto sex industry and he can`t give it up. There`s no hope for the hopeless.

6. He is still a retarded, deaf ginger.

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Customers offering to POST POSITIVE Reviews for discounts or ++MILEAGE
Hi Fellow Hobbits,

So I just got back from a wonderful 3 day K-POP bender to YYZ this past week-end. I went to see one of my ATF's and a couple of other K-flavours that I have experienced in the past in YOW/YUL/ or was highly recommended to me by terbies on SMS.

Everything about this trip was excellent in ALL my sessions EXCEPT for one thing that was said to me, and confirmed with other k-gals, about some terbies and their offers of assistance.

It seems that some terbies with known handles (which shall remain nameless as it was passed from k-gals to me) are going around and "offering" their SHILLING (write glowing reviews for them) services in exchange for YMMV++ or asking for a di$count off future visits.

I did not want to float these unsubstantiated claims out here, but it was bothering me on the drive home. If true, I personally feel this is wrong on so many fronts, as I feel these terbies are being opportunistic and taking advantage of the gals desperation/ or greed for $$, as an opportunity to get a discount for their services. (I know there is nothing wrong with asking for a discount as I do the same in ICN night markets overseas like Itawon, Namdaemun, car dealerships etc...). I want to save money as much as others out there, but this is one avenue I will not go down. That's just me.

Of course it is the k-girl's choice to do as she pleases, as 2 of them have told me they accepted these offers to pump up their volume$. Ultimately these are "business" transactions that hugely benefit both parties. If the girl is okay with it, who am I to pass judgement I guess.

But, I just had to get it off my chest. Please don't flame me as I was curious to see what others thought about this practice by some of our hobbit brothers, and is this more common occurrence than I know?

No need to worry about exposing my fellow hobbits as that is in NO way my style, and in doing so, may end up hurting the k-gals in the industry, which is the last thing I would want to do. After all, it's their body, and their choice.

Best Regards,

True Review of Victoria Catherina #(416) 700-6695

There's no use posting this on any other review board because it will just be taken down or torn to pieces by her lapdogs and that's not going to happen here I'm sure.
Curiosity of this one got the better of me, and as the ultimate TOFT I decided to book a 2hr session with her just to see if she's all they claim, and she's not.
Tits are warn like saggy deflated milk bags. Mouth that never stops flapping with drama and lies. You'll shove your cock in it just for a bit of peace and quiet, not because you're turned on believe me. Shit talking, gossiping, and bad mouthing about other sps non stop. Her pussy smells worse then her breath and that's really fucking bad! Sour, nearly bitter taste downstairs made DATY impossible, and her rancid coffee breath made DFK a nightmare.
This chick kept bragging about things that no one would ever care about, talking about how wonderful she is, how perfect her life is, and how other girls are poor unfortunate souls that will never amount to the greatness she's accomplished in her life. ffs woman stfu!
I tried like hell to fuck her and at least get some of my moneys worth but it was too late. I was so turned off from her lips (both sets and in numerous ways) I couldn't wait to dismount and get the fuck out of there.
I pretended I got an important call from work and left a hhr early. Didn't care about the cost. I just wanted out!
Called one of my stand bys, booked a quick hhr and got 500x better for less then a 1/4 of the price.
VC face 4/10 (could be a 6 or better if she put a little effort into it)
VC body 8/10 (I like curvy girls)
VC attitude 0/10 (my skin still crawls when I think of that day)
VC atmosphere 7/10 (decent location)
repeat not even if she paid me!
She may have been on special but I'm telling ya there is nothing special about VC!

So there you have it, a true review. The good, the bad and the stinky on Victoria Catherina #(416) 700-6695 save your money!

VC if you ever read this take a lesson and not an offense from it. Keep your mouth shut about other working girls and keep the drama out of your job. No one wants to hear about it and if we did we'd either read it ourselves or ask you directly, and proper hygiene goes a long way in this game. Douche. Brush your teeth and just be clean when you take a call god damn it! There's nothing worse then going down on a girl and wanting vomit due to the smell.


Illegal Prostitution

Exquisite Courtesan

761 Bay Street
Unit 2905
Buzz # 180

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Congratulations Mr. Pete McCay and Conservative Government for your wise decision to finally take a stand and protect our young women from the dangers of prostitution.

On the laws specifically, I would like to applaud the following:

x - Not to operate anywhere near someone younger then 18.

Now my kids can feel safe in the apartment building where they live and walk safely to school without being asked if they “want a good time”. 

x - Don’t advertise sexual services.

Finally the internet will be cleansed of explicit images of naked prostitutes exposing their tits and pussies for anyone, even young kids, to see.

x - Anti - Pimp Laws.

Now if men want to make money in the sex industry, instead of exploiting others, all they need to do is bend over and relax.

Cum in Mouth WITH SWALLOW anyone ???

x - Anti - John Laws.

Forget fines, these rapists should be locked away, in a place where they can have tons of sex, for free, as long as they spread their ass cheeks and lube their bum bum.

Perfect for them and their sex addiction. Unlimited greek.

P.S. When I ask a prostitute for a “menu”, ( where she will still be paid to do nothing ), it will be at her low wage job at McDonald’s, and yes, I do want fries with that shake.

Hooray !!!



Well, I tell you criminal scum how its going...


Let’s take a tally of the damage so far:

Bonbons - Closed for good.

High Society - Stopped posting their schedule.

Toronto Girlfriends - Fucking Ron has his neighbors to worry about. That was me.

S.P..4..1.1. - Those bitch moderators chose to dis-respect me again, and I threatened back reviews, plus I outed that jerk “Mongy”, so he got scared and left.

C.a.e.r.f. - I made my ( un ) pleasant return, but no one is on that BORED. Stupid fucker Oce-ANUS left, so now it just 10 circle jerk losers blowing each other.

... and there’s 


Stupid fucking Fred shut down his website, and I shut his registration for two weeks. He’s only let in maybe 10 people.

... and I HACKED into his accounts, making me INVINCIBLE.

That fuck will have his website destroyed, and when he is DESTROYED, the whole fucking sex industry falls with him.


Take that fucking pimps.