Monday, September 28, 2015

Chanel @ Exquisite Courtesan vs Batman57 re: CRIMINAL HARASSMENT

Oh my God, I just completely DEFEATED the justice league.

That pimp bitch tried to make a FALSE STATEMENT TO POLICE, and then had her pimp boyfriend threaten me in the mall.

After a long, terrible court journey, the result is:


They told me to sign a common law peace bond, but I refused, and demanded a trial.

They told me to talk to duty council, so I went and ate a donut and drank coffee.


I came back and demanded my police video, of police misconduct.

That old hag prosecutor said she is still dropping the charges, as its not worth pursuing.

Then I told them about the lies and death threats. The judge told me I could presue legal action at a later time.

Old hag prosecutor chimed in, and said I wouldn’t leave the hallway and had a sign saying “GO AWAY HOOKERS”. Why would I have a sign saying that ? The sign was faked by the threatening mall guy.

Before leaving I looked directly at the judge and said:





He looked amused and kinda gave me a smile.

The old hag looked ANGRY because I played the old bitch for the dummy she is. Her face looked like a mask of defeat. DUMB BITCH.


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