Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello Friends,

Have you suffered any of the following:


x - Not given the sexual services you’ve paid for.
x - Been disappointed with her looks due to fake pics and shills.
x - Had appointments cancelled on you unfairly.
x - Rude phone people.
x - Been ripped off and then threatened when you asked for what’s fair.


x - Forced to be raped by agency staff, and their gang friends.
x - Forced to pay excessive fees or had your hard earned money stolen.
x - Had your personal information outed by the agency owner.
x - Some pimp told your Mom that you slept with tons of herpes dicks.

Review Boards:

x - Been banned unfairly from a review board.
x - Been censored on a review board or had your word altered.
x - Had a review removed for trying to tell the truth.
x - Has someone put your personal information on these boards.

Fear no more.

It’s time for JUSTICE

Contact me at:

I specialize in getting you the compensation you deserve, or bringing the wrongdoers to justice, by costing them thousands in damage, making them pay with wasted time, or even bankrupting them completely.


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