Monday, September 28, 2015

I reported this Illegal Prostitution to the police.

Toronto Girlfriends
20  Blue Jays Way
Unit   1815
Buzz   1302


Ron @ Toronto Girlfriends = ASSAULT

Hello friends,

I wanted to report the illegal things that happened to me at the hands of Ron@TGF and two of his thugs.

He got mad because I asked him for fair compensation, and then he didn’t give it to me so I decided to destroy his prostitution business.

I reported his illegal prostitution at Harrison Garden Blvd, then at Clegg Road and at Forest Laneway Drive.

So he decided to do more illegal things, like assault me.

I was confronted at Quality Suites Hotel near the airport.

His friends grabbed me in a choke hold and pushed me down, raining blow on my back. Then threatened me not to come back. I decided to call the police from the stairwell.

Then Ron appeared.

He threw my phone and glasses. Then he pushed me down and assaulted me, hitting me repeatedly on the face.

After he tried to choke me, by grabbing my neck with his hands. Then he put a plastic bag over my mouth, and pressed down with his hands. I think he was trying to suffocate me. I couldn’t breathe, and I admit, I felt scared I would die.

That’s right, Ron = attempted MURDER

Then, I think he also felt scared, so he stopped trying to kill me, and went back to hitting me on the face.

Finally, he grabbed my belt buckle, and pulled until my pants ripped, then pulled off my pants, then grabbed my shirt till it came off.

I didn’t resist, and was lying NAKED on the ground.

He gave me some speech about being poor, and doing pimping for survival, then said “I do this with no hesitation”.

Strangely, I felt kinda sad for him, he looked scared.

Be careful on Ron and his Toronto Girlfriends, they are dangerous pimps.

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