Monday, September 28, 2015

So, that Select bitch threatens me, and her business must be destroyed...

Those dummies at Toronto 311 called me, and he told me "its the responsibility of the police to remove these businesses, not the city".

If I go to the police, they are AFRAID of organized crime, and say there's no proof Select is in 736 Bay Street. 

If I show them the proof, they will threaten to arrest me for soliciting prostitutes, but nothing happens to Select.

If I go to the building manager with the proof ( my cell phone ), he is AFRAID of organized crime, and therefore these are just guests...

... and then issue me a trespass order.

If I go to the city, its not their responsibility, because they are AFRAID of organized crime. 

If I bug them, I could be arrested for criminal harassment of city officials.

Result: Because everyone is AFRAID of organized crime, no one is willingly to bring down these DISGUSTING PIMPS and their dumb ILLEGAL BUSINESSES.

Meanwhile, I'm arrested for soliciting prostitutes, trespassing and criminal harassment. ( face palm ).

Pimps = WIN !!!

Little brown guy = LOSE ...

IN-Justice Is Served !!! Hooray !!!

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