Monday, September 28, 2015

The Job Of The Police


Arrest men for no reason
Write parking tickets
Collect big checks from the government
Beat people, deny people their rights
Shoot minorities ( like Ferguson )
Make friends with crack dealers like Rob Ford
Extort pimps for cash and freebies

Not The Police Responsibility:

Arrest criminal pimps
Shut down illegal pimp operations
Protect innocent citizens from pimping

... and now we know who the real criminal shits are - the police !!!


I reported the following activities and here’s what the dummy cops did ( or more like - didn’t do )

Assault: Ron @ TGF

The cops didn’t bother to check for fingerprints or ask witnesses, including a witness that said to me “I saw some fat, ugly, spanish boys creeping in the hallway”.

The good news is they install cameras in the hotel, that’s how the inept cops caught the assault victim at Quality Suites.

Technically I also helped her.

Death Threats: Nicole King @ Garden of Eden

Reported to 222-Tips, cops questioned her, but as usual, did nothing.

False Statements: Chanel @ Exquisite Courtesan

Reported to the dummy cops at 51 Division. Because of their illegal cover-up of my video tape, which proves the cops committed malicious prosecution, they refuse to arrest a white woman, because cops only like to arrest non-white men.

Harassment: Ricky Spanish @ Get Some Suga, Fred Zed @ Terb

Cops told me I’m reporting in the wrong place, did nothing.

Stalking: Ashley @ Eye Candy

Didn’t report this to the cops, but that ashley chick = HAWT !!! Flat chested though.

Trespassing: 33 Wood Street @ Maximum, High Society, Dream-makers, Roommates

I told the cops there’s at least 8 illegal brothel running out of this building, and I was sitting outside with a sign saying “GO AWAY HOOKERS” waiting to be gunned down. The cops showed up, and did they thank me for doing their job and protecting innocent people. No. The cop threatened to arrest me for trespassing. WTF !!!

Voicemails: Andy @ Mirage

Cops looked scared of the pimps, and said they would arrest me for wasting police time. 

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