Wednesday, July 27, 2016


To: Court of Public Opinion

I filed a complaint with a corrupt organization called the “Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario”.


In their corrupt judgement they said:

“However, a person is not entitled to engage in harassing behaviour simply because they believe the other person has done something illegal.”
I told these nuts that girl made a false statement to the police at 5:00, after buzzing me in at 3:30.
How can someone say a woman is harassed for 90 minutes in the hallway ???
Then they said:
“The mere fact, however, that the police believed a woman and did not believe a man is not evidence of gender discrimination.”
I told these nuts that another girl was present at the time and was concealing evidence.
Why is this other girl not included in their illegal ruling ???
This is the reason the police always get away with abusing people. Because of corrupt rulings from these monkey courts, and ignoring any evidence the police are wrong.
Also the illegal cover-up of the police video from that prosecutor woman.

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